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The Ala Moana Center Management is pleased to permit non-commercial activities to be conducted within Ala Moana Center by interested persons and organizations. These performances may be scheduled at designated times for a duration of 45 minutes. Because of the many requests to conduct such activities within the Center and the limited areas available for such activities, the Center Management has adopted the following Rules and Regulations for Centerstage activities within the Center.

  1. Process of Application
    (a) The commercial activities of Center tenants and their owners, officers, directors, employees, customers, and invitees are the primary activities of the Center. No person or organization shall conduct any other activity within the Center without first obtaining permission for such other activity. Permission will be granted only for joint areas of the Center designated by the Center Management.

    (b) An organization may apply for non-commercial activity online at no later than thirty (30) days prior to the first day desired for such activity. Examples of such organizations include community, non-profits, educational institutions and performance studios.

    (c) In evaluating an application for non-commercial activities within the Center, the Center Management shall consider the following: the kind of activity; the purpose of the activity; the number of participants expected; the dates, times, and duration of the activity; the materials, equipment, and other objects to be used in connection with the activity; the risk of injury to any person or property; the Center joint area desired; the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the desired joint area; the size and configuration of the desired joint area; the number of other applications for activities to be conducted within the Center during the same period; the risk of unreasonable interference with the commercial activities of Center tenants and their owners, officers, directors, employees, customers, and invitees, and other factors.

    (d) If an application is for an activity which may reasonably be expected to risk public disorder or injury to any person or property or to require substantial cleaning, repairs, or restoration in order to return an area of the Center to its condition existing immediately prior to the commencement of the desired activity, the Center Management may, as a condition to granting an application, require security for the performance of the applicant's obligations as permitted under such application and these Rules and Regulations. Such security shall be in a form satisfactory to the Center Management and may be a cash deposit, a bond, an insurance policy, or other adequate assurance of the applicant's performance.

  2. Conditions of Applications
    Applications granted to applicants are subject to the following conditions and may be revoked, in the discretion of the Center Management, upon any violation of any such conditions:

    (a) An applicant shall not conduct any activity (other than commercial activities of Center tenants and their owners, officers, directors, employees, customers, and invitees) within the Center except as is specifically described in its application.

    (b) At all times during the conduct of the activity described in its application, applicant shall have its approved application available at the location of such activity.

    (c) At all times while within the Center, an applicant shall act in a non-commercial, peaceful, and lawful manner and shall obey all directions of Center security personnel and Mall Management.

    (d) An applicant shall not use physical force, abusive, or offensive language, or threats against any person within the Center.

    (e) An applicant shall not obstruct the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on walkways, sidewalks, stairways, escalators, roads, driveways, parking lots, or any other area regularly used for such traffic within the Center.

    (f) Mall Management reserves the right to cancel any performance at any time if the rules have not been met or if they deem necessary.

    (g) All applicants must be prepared to perform for 45 minutes during the time slots designated on the application. Any performance that does not fit within these times may require a fee.
  3. Obligations of Applicant
    (a) Upon the cessation of the activity described in its application, an applicant shall clean, repair, and restore the area in which it conducted such activity to the condition existing immediately prior to the commencement of such activity.

    (b) All costs and expenses of such cleaning, repairing, and restoring and all out-of-pocket costs and expenses of the Ala Moana Center Association and Landlord relating to or arising out of the applicant’s activity (including, without limitation, all costs and expenses of maintaining order and protecting persons and property in the vicinity of such area during the conduct of such activity) shall be borne by the applicant and shall be promptly paid to the Center Management.

    (c) An applicant assumes liability for and shall indemnify and hold harmless Landlord and its managing agent (and its shareholders, officers, directors, customers, and invitees), tenants of the Center (and their owners, officers, directors, employees, customers, and invitees) and the Ala Moana Center Association against and from any and all liabilities, obligations, losses, penalties, actions, suits, claims, damages, expenses, disbursements (including legal fees and expenses), or costs of any kind whatsoever in any way relating to or arising out of any activity of the applicant (including, without limitation, the activities of the applicant’s members, officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, and servants) within the Center.

    (d) Each person/group is responsible for signing a Performance Permit Agreement and Release & Indemnity Agreement, and initialing Rules & Regulations. All forms must be turned in to the Centerstage Coordinator ten (10) business days, excluding Saturday and Sunday, prior to your performance, or your performance will be cancelled without further notice. The person who signs this paperwork must be at the event. If this is not possible, the Centerstage Coordinator must be notified and the name and mobile number for an alternate representative must be provided upon the paperwork due date. The individual who signs this paperwork and the alternate representative will be liable for the performance/performers.

    (e) All groups must be set up and prepared to begin by the start time of their performance. Additionally, groups must uphold their agreed upon 30 or 45 minute timeslot.

    (f) Groups that do not cancel their performances at least 24 business hours in advance will be considered No-Shows. Mall Management reserves the right to prohibit or cancel any and all future performances for groups failing to extend this cancellation courtesy. Cancellations can be made by emailing

  4. Non-Permitted Activity
    (a) If any applicant shall conduct any activity (other than the commercial activities of Center tenants and their owners, officers, directors, employees, customers, and invitees) which is not described in such applicant’s application or which violates any term or condition of these Rules and Regulations, such applicant is trespassing and shall be subject to arrest, ejectment, and prosecution, and the Center Management, in its sole discretion, may immediately revoke such application.

    (b) The sale of any CDs, tapes, booklets or products is STRICTLY PROHIBITED from Centerstage. Violation will result in immediate cancellation.

    (c) The promotion of merchandise or services available at a business outside of Ala Moana Center is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Violation will result in immediate cancellation.

    (d) Handouts, flyers, samples, etc., must be free and approved by mall management at least seven (7) days in advance.

    (e) Solicitation for funds, contributions, signatures or participation in surveys is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

    (f) There is to be no religious or political solicitation or verbalization of any kind on Center premises.

    (g) Offensive and profane language used on stage during a performance will result in immediate cancellation of performance.

    (h) Any signage, including an identifying signs or promotional banners must be made in a neat, professional manner and must be submitted to Mall Management for approval no later than seven (7) days before the event date. Signs must be installed in stand-alone banners approved by the Center at least seven (7) days prior to your performance. Signs are not permitted to cover any sign or logo currently in place at the Center. Hanging signs and/or banners through the use of tape, nails, screw-in hooks, thumb tacks or any other adhesive material to Ala Moana Center property is prohibited. Promotion of merchandise or services available at a business outside of Ala Moana Center is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

    (i) Only people performing in your group are allowed backstage and in the dressing rooms. Please keep the dressing room area clean. NO food or drink is allowed in the backstage or dressing room areas. Only bottled water will be allowed on stage. Tape and/or rosin may NOT be used on Centerstage. Negligence to these matters will incur a $100.00 minimum maintenance/damage fee. Ala Moana Center is a family oriented destination. Your group is expected to dress appropriately for their performance. We reserve the right to refuse any group or individual who does not meet these standards.

    (j) Noise levels at Centerstage are not to exceed 96 decibels. AMC’s Sound Technician will monitor levels and alert performers of any excess. If additional amps are used for your performance, adjustments will be made at sound check.

    (k) The use of glitter, confetti, or streamers of any type is strictly prohibited. A minimum $100 maintenance/damage fee will be assessed if these items are used on or backstage.

    (l) Flash mobs
Each person/group is responsible for signing a Performance Agreement, and Release and Indemnity Agreement. The person who signs this paperwork must be at the event. THEY MUST BRING A COPY OF THIS SIGNED PAPERWORK AND SIGN IN AT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER. THE SOUND TECHNICIAN WILL BE NOTIFIED OF YOUR ARRIVAL AND ALLOW YOU BACKSTAGE.

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